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CodeBucket Lab, East India's First Technology company which deals with advance technology such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Decision Science. We at CodeBucket Lab provide high quality, affordable training to open new opportunities for students and young professionals. We stop at nothing in delivering the best learning experience possible and strive to provide a higher level of service and support that you can’t get elsewhere.

Develop the critical skills you need for a new job in Full-Stack Development, Android Development, Data science and fast-track your career advancement with the most comprehensive program.

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Why Choose Us ?

Codebucket Lab training programs encompass a wide range of skills that are an integral & necessary part of everyday business, daily life or work environment. The students will get hands-on experience in solving real-life business and social problems leveraging the skills that they will gain over the period. During this period, they will be actively working on Industry-based Live Projects along with the Live-Training program from Industry experts. In the beginning of the month, we will host a crash course for you to cover the basic concepts related to Data Science, AI, ML, Python,Node.js. .etc. In the further Months, you will be engaged with a mentor to work on an end-to-end Live Projects.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our goal is to transform Bihar into an IT hub and to develop an ecosystem that is conducive for students to learn and to get adequate exposure for becoming industry ready technocrats. We, at CodeBucket, are offering to provide support to the students by nurturing them into becoming a successful person and enhance their aptitude for real life problem solving. In our pursuit to achieve that, we have come up with a program with a vision of converting our youth into skilled human resources by providing them training & a handful of practical experiences.

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